The 2003 Town Report for the town of South Hero was dedicated to C.I.D.E.R. This was the first time the report had been dedicated to an organization. As was written in the report:
The 2003 South Hero Town Report is dedicated to:


Take the time to read their report. Then take time to ponder on the importance of such a group of volunteer and paid individuals who make it possible for the elderly and disabled to remain in their communitry and not only maintain but expand their independence and ability to continue active physical and intellectual lives. Now note several key works from the above paragraph.


We all need a sense of community and there is much healthy community activity in South Hero. But don’t take it for granted. Like all good things, community need to be tended and cared for the be vital


Did you know that in many grade and high schols now there is manditory “community service” for which students muse volunteer? Think about why we have to “teach” the significance or volunteerism.


Who can put a price on its importance in American and Vermont life? It is dignity, worth, self estime, pride. It makes a longer life worth living.


Well, we need someone to tell the volunteers what to do!
Everyone in South Hero can be a part of C.I.D.E.R. Become a member, donate time, money, goods and services; by supporting C.I.D.E.R. you help strengthen our community and share its vitality.
Thank you to all active and past volunteers, supporters, members and staff.