Busy Construction Season for C.I.D.E.R.

Certainly the Spring, Summer and Fall of 2011 was a busy construction season for C.I.D.E.R.  As you know we assist in the building of wheel chair ramps for Grand Isle County residents.  We design, order materials, put a work crew together and construct the ramps.  We only ask the the home owner make a donation toward the cost of the materials.  We have received several grants over the last few years that help defray the cost of the materials that are not covered by the home owner.  Most recently, we received a grant of $3,000.00 from IBM that will be used toward the purchase of ramp materials.A typical C.I.D.E.R. built ramp in Grand Isle.

This year we built, assisted in building or obtained the materials for: 1 ramp in Isle La Motte, 2 in Alburgh, 2 in North Hero, 5 in Grand Isle and 1 in South Hero.  The last  building project was completed just before the cold weather and snow settled in.  Dolf Wirsing and his crew of expert helpers took advantage of the mild fall this year and completed several projects in October and November.  Folks who helped Dolf this year included Dick Ernst, Butch Soule, Shane Sullivan, Joe Lareau, Jeannie Bass, Bill Bingham, Leonard Brisson, Malcom Allen, Robert Arnett, Bob Buermann, June Chamberlin, and Jim Holzschuh.

If you need increased access to your home call the C.I.D.E.R. Office at 372-6425.  Someone will come and assess your individual situation and determine if a ramp can be built.  If you would like to volunteer with one of these projects, and we are always looking for additional members of the construction crew, call the C.I.D.E.R. Office at the same number and get ready to be put to work–helping another islander.