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  • C.I.D.E.R. (aka Champlain Islanders Developing Essential Resources) was incorporated as a Membership organization in May 1993. Members elect and can serve on the C.I.D.E.R. Board of Directors. Directors may serve up to two consecutive 3-year terms. Our Bylaws require that the Board consist of up to 21 individuals with at least 2 representatives of each of the five Grand Isle County towns, as well as at least one “consumer of services”. Members may also attend our Annual Meeting of the Membership, usually held in late September or early October. Board elections occur during this meeting.

  • Please note that Membership is NOT required to receive any services or participate in any C.I.D.E.R. programs or activities.

  • C.I.D.E.R. conducts an annual direct mail Membership Drive each August. Membership dues are set each year at the Membership Meeting and though most donations are greater, our actual dues remain at our traditional $2 per household. We believe that Membership is more than just a fund raising effort so a donation to C.I.D.E.R. during some other campaign or event does not automatically make the donor a Member unless requested .

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