Who We Are

C.I.D.E.R. is an acronym that stands for Champlain Islanders Developing Essential Resources, Inc.

We are the people that provide access to essential resources and services for Grand Isle County seniors and persons with disabilities. Transportation to medical appointments and grocery shopping, home delivered meals, accessibility projects like wheelchair ramps, adaptive equipment, information and referral.

We are the people that provide socialization opportunities for seniors and persons with disabilities living in this beautiful but rural area where social isolation is a serious health issue for many individuals. Health and wellness programs such as Living Strong in the Islands strength and balance training, tai chi, nature ambles, congregate senior meals, social excursion trips, and volunteer opportunities.

C.I.D.E.R.’s mission is to develop and foster resources that enable the people of Grand Isle County, Vermont to live in their community with dignity. C.I.D.E.R. accomplishes this by providing direct services and collaborating with other individuals and groups. C.I.D.E.R. feels a special responsibility to elders and persons with disabilities.

The values that guide C.I.D.E.R. are to be: Caring, Creative, Client Based, Cost Effective and Community Based.

C.I.D.E.R. is a community-based 501(c)(3) non profit organization and a funded program with the United Way of Northwest Vermont. C.I.D.E.R. is also a Trusted Transportation Partner with ITN America and a member organization of Community Transportation Association of America.